A few simple switches...


If you're getting into cycling (or would like to), here are a few simple switch-up ideas to help keep you motivated!


1. Cycle to the shops for your groceries. 

Unless you need a really BIG shop, take a rucksack or attach a basket to your bike to carry your groceries. Cycle your purchases home and enjoy the sweet taste of your triumph (and food).


2. Walk your children to school then cycle home (and do the opposite at the end of the day).

If you could all cycle, then all the better...but if that's not feasible, then consider pushing your bike while you walk the kids to school, then cycling home. You'll feel incredibly smug about your carbon footprint as you whizz happily past a gas-guzzling parent - sat in the school traffic jam - in their sparkling clean Range Rover - which they needed to buy to get safely out of their suburban driveway.


3. Suggest a social ride with friends.

Instead of meeting for a coffee or meal, why not consider a social bike ride with friends. You could still have a coffee...but it'll taste so much better after some fresh air and exercise!