Bike Month 2021

Ride your way into summer!

Get ready for Bike Month this June and ride your way into summer. The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, providing the ideal opportunity to get back on your bike and enjoy all the benefits that go with it – from getting healthier, feeling happier and saving the planet!

Each week in June people across the country will be riding their bikes and your invited to join in. Whether you want to ride every single day or just dip your toes get access to all the information you need to get pedalling! Everyone who takes part will be entered into draws for prizes ranging from t-shirts through to brand new bikes. You can take part in Bike Month by registering for free at

There are some dates for your diary too:

  • Start your Bike Month journey with Bike Week from our friends at Cycling UK – each day they’ll be sharing reasons to get out and ride. 
  • Clean Air Day on 17th June, is a chance to swap cars for handlebars! We’ll have our top tips ready on doing school run, grabbing groceries or commuting by bike. 
  • Take advantage of the longest day of the year (21st June) to ride you bike and enjoy maximum daylight.

When you register with Love to Ride you can set goals, track your riding stats, earn badges, share photos and stories and encourage others to ride! There’s also a range of information on everything from bike maintenance to planning a route. Love to Ride have engaged over 507,000 people worldwide, including 118,000 ‘new riders’ so they know a thing or two about supporting more people to ride bikes.