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Cycle September is a month-long competition from the folks at Love to Ride to get more people riding bikes. Last year over 56,000 people took part, including nearly 7,000 people who were new to riding! They logged their rides, encouraged their friends and family to join and won some amazing prizes for their effort. This year is set to be bigger and better, and I Cycle Electric have signed up!

For Cycle September it doesn't matter if you ride every day or if you haven't been on a bike in years. Love to Ride are behaviour change experts who have refined their approach by helping 200,000 people across 12 countries get into biking. There are plenty of tools to help us overcome our personal barriers to riding a bike – from tailored emails to tips articles and even Quick Courses, there’s something for everyone.

There’s never been a better time to enjoy riding a bike! It’s a good way to ensure you are getting enough daily exercise as well as an easy and safe way to travel from A to B while avoiding traffic. As more of us return to work it’s an ideal time for everyone to embrace all the benefits riding a bike can bring:

️ Supercharge your physical health  even a 10-minute bike ride will start boosting your immune system and raise your heart rate. Make it part of your routine for maximum benefits like living longer!

Improve your mental health – riding a bike can make you feel happier and more connected to your surroundings and less prone to depression than other forms of transportation

Reduce stress and anxiety - any form of physical activity is good for reducing stress. Biking can help take your mind off problems and give you a chance to think about things calmly


Make an impact on your environment – reduce your carbon footprint by keeping the car at home.


Taking part in Cycle September is easy. You only have to ride for ten minutes to start earning points and climb the leader board.


So how does it work?

Register for free

Join [business name] so your points help us climb the leaderboard

Start logging your bike rides to earn riding points.

To score big, earn encourager points. Encourage your friends and family (not just co-workers) to register and log a ride. If they add you as their encourager, you’ll score 50 or 100 points.

More points mean more chances to climb the leader boards and win prizes!


Register for Cycle September and reduce your stress, increase your energy levels and feel happier!