Servicing is important to us. As cyclists, we know that keeping a bike in tip-top condition and working as it should makes every ride more enjoyable.


This is perfect for a new bike or one that needs a safety check. The service will not replace any parts, instead the mechanic will adjust what is on the bike to make it operate more smoothly. The mechanic will identify any work that will be needed in the near future.
This service covers:
• Safety check.
• Brake and gear adjust.
• Tyres inflated to the correct pressure.
• Drive-train lubricated.
• Advisory note for any further work required.


This is the perfect service for a bike in need of a bit more work than a simple service.
The mechanic will give all the necessary adjustments to your bike to prolong its lifespan, whilst advising on parts needing replaced. Parts are charged on top of the price for the service.
As above, plus:
• Clean, degrease and re-lube the drive train.
• Adjust hubs if applicable/possible.
• Adjust headset if applicable/possible.
• Check all nuts and bolts are secure.
• Wheels trued on the bike.

Post service bike collection:
Due to space restrictions we require you to collect your bike as quickly as possible once the work is completed. A storage charge of £5.00/day will be applied to any bike that is still with us from 7 days after the service is completed. If you are having problems collecting your bike please let us know!     
"I  had a major problem with my road bike while riding in and around the Ribble Valley. I phoned every bike shop in the area - and while I got lots of sympathy for my ruined weekend - nobody could help .... except Adam at Cycles Recycled in Clitheroe. We called in and he spent over an hour sorting the bike for me so the weekend wasn't ruined. I didn't even buy my bike from them as I'm from Newcastle- so if this is how they treat strangers and not regular customers I am most impressed. I only wish I lived closer so I could call this my regular bike shop. Thanks guys."


'Technical Two' 
bike technician and wheel builder